What are the Benefits of SmartGuard?

What are the Benefits of SmartGuard?

We deliver comprehensive Termite Protection Programs every day on the Sunshine Coast to homes and commercial buildings just like yours.

We call this SmartGuardĀ Termite Protection.

  • $100 000 TimberSecure Termite Home Insurance or $100 000 warranty for 5 years**
  • Elimination of termite activity in your home
  • Programmed monitoring of your Exterra Termite Baiting Protection every 8 weeks
  • SmartGuard.Defence 12 fixed monthly payments for Termite Protection Programs
  • Your local professional technicians
  • Options of an environmentally responsible Exterra Termite Baiting Protection program around your home or a Chemical Active Protection zone
  • Annual Termite Inspections
**This is for homes that qualify. Your termite technician will be able to assess if your home or commercial building qualifies for either of these additional insurance or warranty benefits.

The Benefits of SmartGuard

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