SmartGuard your Noosa home this termite season with an Altriset termite protection program installed by Cooroy Pest Control.

Important! ALTRISET will STOP Termites Feeding within hours and then protect your home against further damage for years to come.


“Why are termites attacking my property.”  

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “Why are termites attacking my property.”  Unfortunately you are not alone; termites target thousands of homes every year.  Termites can be prolific in Noosa and surrounding hinterland depending on the season, sometimes causing extensive damage to homes and properties.

In most cases termite damage is not covered by home insurance policies.  Although termites can be a big problem for you, you can take control over them now; and well into the future by using an innovative termiticide such as ALTRISET.

A thorough termite treatment and the installation of a protection program around your property is the only way to protect your property from termites, now and for years ahead. ALTRISET is the most innovative termite control product to come onto the market in the last 10 years with unique benefits over older termite control products.

What is Altriset?

ALTRISET is the result of over 10 years of scientific research and is the first termiticide featuring the chemical active ingredient chlorantraniliprole (chlor-ant-ran-ili-prole), an active ingredient from the anthranilic diamide class of chemistry. This class of chemistry was inspired by research into the chemical properties of a natural substance found in the bark of trees and shrubs of the genus Ryania.

Altriset_Low Toxic Chemical Active Termite Protection

ALTRISET is exempt from poison scheduling by the Australian regulatory authorities.

It is deadly to termite colonies, but has very low mammalian toxicity.

ALTRISET  is an innovative product with new generation termite control technology that stops termites feeding within hours, protects your property for years against further infestation and is exempt from poison scheduling, no other termiticide can offer you all these benefits.

Low toxicity – protect your home with minimal impact on the environment

Unlike most termite products that are made from chemicals which can be hazardous to people and the environment, ALTRISET has a mode of action that is harmful to termites and not to humans.  In fact, ALTRISET is the only liquid termiticide that is exempt from poison scheduling by the Australian regulatory authorities which means your Sandgate pest manager doesn’t have to wear protective gear when mixing and applying the product.

ALTRISET has very low toxicity to pets, birds, fish, earthworms and even honey bees, which means you can protect your home with minimal impact on the environment.

Altriset facts:

  •  Stops termites feeding within hours
  • Eliminated termites from structures in 3 months
  • Outstanding transfer properties for superior population control
  • Provides continuous protection for years
  • Favourable safety and environmental profile
  • Exempt from poison scheduling
  • Very low toxicity to non-target species


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