Help! I think I’ve found Termites!

Help! I think I’ve found Termites!

There are a couple of things to consider when you find Termites in your home:

1. Relax

It seems odd but they have probably been there for a while and taking your time to put in place the right program to eradicate them could save you time and money.

2. Don’t disturb them

Disturbing or ‘killing’ them could just send them off to another part of your home. The objective is to eliminate the queen not the few worker termites you can see.

3. Cover them up

If you have broken their ‘lead’ or gallery cover them up with dark tape or a black plastic bag.

4. Call a local professional termite technician

Termites cause millions of dollars a year of damage to homes in Australia and it may take the training and experience of a professional to successfully eliminate them from your home.

Best of luck and if we can be of further service please give us a call.

Shane O’Donnell

 I’ve found Termites

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