Noosa (4567). Termite Control & Protection.

Noosa (4567). Your local professional technicians have been delivering termite protection programs for Noosa residents since 1998. Over this time we have come to an understanding that it is safe to assume that there are termites on every property, due to the termite pressure in the Noosa area. This mindset has served many people well; […]

SmartGuard your Noosa home this termite season with an Altriset termite protection program installed by Cooroy Pest Control.

Important! ALTRISET will STOP Termites Feeding within hours and then protect your home against further damage for years to come.   “Why are termites attacking my property.”   You’re probably thinking to yourself, “Why are termites attacking my property.”  Unfortunately you are not alone; termites target thousands of homes every year.  Termites can be prolific […]

How do I prevent Termites getting into my Noosa home?

Am I significantly increasing the probability of a termite infestation in my Noosa home? As a termite inspector I get to see the many ways that termites get into people’s homes. One of the critical areas on a Termite Inspection Report relates to – ‘Conditions Conducive to Termite Entry’ In simple terms, this highlights situations […]

What type of termite chemical treatment should I choose for my Noosa home? Repellent chemical or Non-repellent?

The Great Chemical Active Conundrum After much research and informed discussion with your termite technician, you have decided that a chemical treated zone is the preferred choice for your termite management program for your Noosa home. You now have another decision to make – A repellent chemically active treated zone, Or A non-repellent chemically active […]

How to treat my steel piers in my subfloor to prevent termites getting into my Noosa home

In theory a home built in the Noosa area on steel peirs should not have any trouble with termites. This is usually true if you actively check around the peirs in your subfloor regularly (at least every 6 months) but if you travel alot you may want to consider installing additional protection around the base […]

Are Noosa homes built using hardwood safe from termite attack?

The hardwood termite common to the Noosa region – NASUTITERMIS Spp. Many people are often surprised to learn that one of the most widespread and potentially destructive species of termites found in Noosa actually prefer hardwood. Nasutitermes get their name from the soldier caste with a Nasute head – a head tapering to a long, […]

Why SmartGuard?

  SmartGuard is a group of like minded professional pest management technicians who live and work in Noosa and Cooroy. We have been busy over the last 10 years developing and improving our termite and pest control programs and we are very happy to say that they are delivering proven results day in day out. […]