Why Choose SmartGuard?

We are delivering effective pest control & protection programs to homes just like yours every day. Over time we’ve developed a systematic approach to dealing with termites, ants & creepy pests. Our programs are science-based with over 10 years of proven results.

Termite Control & Protection Programs include:

  • Termite inspections
  • Termite Control
  • Termite Protection
  • $100 000 TimberSecure Termite Damage Home Insurance
  • Easy fixed monthly payment option

Ant Control & Protection Programs include:

  • Ant pressure assessment
  • Ant Control
  • Ant Protection
  • Free service period SmartGuard Warranty
  • Peace of mind money back guarantee

Creepy Pest Control & Protection Programs include:

  • Creepy Pest pressure assessment
  • Creepy Pest Control
  • Creepy Pest Protection
  • Free service period SmartGuard  Warranty
  • Peace of mind money back guarantee

Why Choose SmartGuard

Help! I think I’ve found Termites!

There are a couple of things to consider when you find Termites in your home:

1. Relax

It seems odd but they have probably been there for a while and taking your time to put in place the right program to eradicate them could save you time and money.

2. Don’t disturb them

Disturbing or ‘killing’ them could just send them off to another part of your home. The objective is to eliminate the queen not the few worker termites you can see.

3. Cover them up

If you have broken their ‘lead’ or gallery cover them up with dark tape or a black plastic bag.

4. Call a local professional termite technician

Termites cause millions of dollars a year of damage to homes in Australia and it may take the training and experience of a professional to successfully eliminate them from your home.

Best of luck and if we can be of further service please give us a call.

Shane O’Donnell

 I’ve found Termites

What are the Benefits of SmartGuard?

We deliver comprehensive Termite Protection Programs every day on the Sunshine Coast to homes and commercial buildings just like yours.

We call this SmartGuard Termite Protection.

  • $100 000 TimberSecure Termite Home Insurance or $100 000 warranty for 5 years**
  • Elimination of termite activity in your home
  • Programmed monitoring of your Exterra Termite Baiting Protection every 8 weeks
  • SmartGuard.Defence 12 fixed monthly payments for Termite Protection Programs
  • Your local professional technicians
  • Options of an environmentally responsible Exterra Termite Baiting Protection program around your home or a Chemical Active Protection zone
  • Annual Termite Inspections
**This is for homes that qualify. Your termite technician will be able to assess if your home or commercial building qualifies for either of these additional insurance or warranty benefits.

The Benefits of SmartGuard

Who Do I Talk To?

SmartGuard Control Over Pests
Cooroy Pest Control

Rebecca or Lorna are in the office Monday to Friday
so give us a call

Call: 07 5472 0141

Click: www.cooroypestcontrol.com.au

Or email: info@cooroypestcontrol.com

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